Summer Vacation Begins Now

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Summer Vacation Begins Now

June is here and that means summer! Summertime is the perfect time for an incredible summer vacation. Traveling to visit and explore new places or to see family and friends is a way of life. And sometimes preparing for your trips can be a little hectic. If you are a Colorado resident and enjoy the benefits of legalized marijuana, you may have an additional step or two to take to prepare for your vacation, especially if you are leaving Colorado.

Since marijuana laws vary state by state, it can be confusing for vacationers to know exactly what laws apply before they go. Legalized marijuana in one state could mean a ticket for possession in another. Or even worse, it could mean facing criminal charges depending on where you are. With marijuana constantly in the news about which state is pondering legalization and in what terms, how can anyone easily keep track?

Luckily for you, the National Cannabis Industry Association has published a state by state map that provides basic info about marijuana policies making it easier for you to plan your summer vacation. You can cruise state by state to get a summary of the latest marijuana policies. Of course, this is simply a guide and is meant to be educational. Make sure you do appropriate research to learns actual laws and policy yourself directly from each individual state of interest to you.

The guide not only depicts state policies, but also breaks down some of the interesting details. The details include allowed use, noteworthy information, recreational use vs. medical use, sales history, and even provides a future sales projection. This may help you gauge the marijuana culture in some areas you may be planning on visiting.

So if your summer adventures include crossing state lines, be sure to check out this guide here before you go. Happy and safe travels!

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