4 Things To Do In The Mile High City High

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4 Things To Do In The Mile High City High

4 Things To Do In The Mile High City High

Our great city has tons of activities to offer any day of the week. Museums, parks, beautiful mountain settings, you name it, we’ve got it. But have you tried some of your favorite activities after enjoying some of your favorite marijuana? Pairing some of your favorite activities together seems like a no brainer. Of course the list of activities could be endless, but we’ve started it for you with these four things to do in the Mile High City when you are high.


Red Rocks Amphitheater

Number one on the list is Red Rocks of course! A fantastic place to take in a concert, view the city lights, the starry sky and whatever music performance makes your concert list for the season. But it’s not just concerts. Attend an event like yoga, Fitness on the Rocks or Film on The Rocks. But don’t forget, you can’t smoke in public, so make sure you smoke up before heading there. Whatever event you attend, you’ll enjoy acoustic perfection courtesy of Mother Nature’s architecture skills in a one of a kind setting. It’s an amazing experience without your favorite bud, but coupled with it is extraordinary.


Take a Hike

Since this is Colorado we are talking about, you have to take a hike while high. With tons of great places to go, you can’t go wrong. Pairing your activity with a sativa can go a long way in adding some oomph to your day. Waterton Canyon, Roxborough State Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Garden of the Gods are great places to hike. For a little extra exertion, there is the Manitou Incline. Or consider Seven falls in Colorado Springs to check out Colorado’s only waterfall included on the National geographic list of international waterfalls. Anywhere you choose to hike in Colorado is a win-win. Choosing to enjoy Colorado’s great outdoors while stoned will take that win to the next level.


Elitch Gardens

For more adventure in the heart of the city, spend the day at Elitch Gardens. Check out some exhilarating rides, or spend time in the waterpark on a hot summer day. They’ve even got some new rides this year that the thrill-seeker in you will want to check out. Not just a theme park, you can catch some summertime concerts, movies in the waterpark and even a Broadway show.


Visit a Museum

For more mellow experiences, visit one of Denver’s great museums. Exhibits can be mind-blowing on their own, but visiting a museum while high can blow your mind even more. Add to your experience by incorporating your favorite hybrid. The Denver Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in the western United States. With so much to see, you could spend hours and hours examining the exhibits. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is also incredible. Between the exhibits, the IMAX and the planetarium, you’ll have no problem with boredom.

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