5 Things to Look for in a Denver Recreational Dispensary

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5 Things to Look for in a Denver Recreational Dispensary

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with recreationally legalized cannabis, the amount of dispensaries in your area might have your head spinning. You can find a Denver recreational dispensary easier than you can a Starbucks. They’re all selling the same plant, but it’s not necessarily the same product. Some marijuana variations are stronger, some edibles react differently, and the most important part of finding the right dispensary for you is the atmosphere. Your preferred atmosphere may differ depending on your age, but an educated and friendly staff will ultimately keep you coming back, or have you running out the door.

1. What was my first impression? While shopping around different cannabis shops, find a neighborhood you like. Accessibility might be your number one issue, so you could be more interested in a store that has several locations. When you nail down the area, pay attention to how you’re treated from when you walk in to a dispensary to when you walk out. Did they ask if you’ve been in before? Did they show you the layout of the store, or did they push you along so they could get to the next customer?

2. Were they friendly and accommodating? You need a good guide to help you navigate the store. Some Denver dispensaries have a high employee turnover. If you see the same faces each time you go in, you’re going to feel more comfortable asking questions on new products. Building a relationship with the staff gives you a better experience, especially if you come in often.

3. Did they offer advice? The best kind of dispensary is the kind who listens to your needs. If you’re shopping for cannabis to make your camping trip with friends a little more fun, then you won’t want a strain that helps with insomnia. It all depends on your plans for the weekend, or your aches and pains. Cannabis helps ailments from an aching back to epilepsy. Edibles are especially helpful for some health issues, but they are the most daunting to choose from. Each edible is designed for a different reason. If they don’t ask you, make sure you ask them what products fit with your specific needs.

4. Do I love their product? Most dispensaries have a signature strain, or specialize in edibles, or flower. If you’re interested in cannabis-infused edibles then you’ll want a store with more than ten options. If you’re into flower, then find a store with dozens of sativa and indica strains for you to pick from. You want to enjoy the effects of cannabis in your own way. Find a store with a strain, or specialty that you love.

5. What sets them apart from other stores? It could be that their product is of a higher quality, or it could be that you identify more with the staff. Each cannabis store has a different atmosphere. You have to ask yourself which one is right for you. Shop around, and give several dispensaries a try.

It seems like you can find a green cross on every corner in Denver. You don’t have to pick a favorite dispensary, but it makes your shopping experience a little easier and more fun. When you find a store and staff that you love, you can build a relationship with the guy or gal behind the counter. You’ll be able to try new products as they come in, and be valued as a customer instead of just a sale.

Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is dedicated to giving you the best experience at our marijuana dispensary in Denver . We’re right by Sloan’s Lake in Edgewater, and open late until 10pm. Our staff is happy to answer all of your medical and recreational questions. With an ample selection of edibles and bud, you’ll leave with what you came in looking for, and more.

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