7 Essential Items All Cannabis Consumers Should Own

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7 Essential Items All Cannabis Consumers Should Own

Cannabis has been in use for medicinal and recreational purposes for quite some time now. Several studies have delved into the properties of the herb and established its benefits. Cannabis is a complex herb that should be treated as such. When it comes to consuming cannabis on a regular basis, you certainly don’t want to compromise your experience. So why not have a few tools handy?

Whether it’s at home, at a friend’s place, or an on-the-go session, every cannabis consumer should have certain tools and accessories that simplify the way they consume. Here’s a list to get you started:

Small pouch or container

You certainly don’t want to spill your cannabis inside of your bag or on the floor. It’s difficult to clean up, sticky, and precious! You can get a small pouch or container for carrying your cannabis around. But make sure its airtight and smell-proof so that your cannabis remains fresh.


A grinder is a necessary tool if you plan on consuming period. It’s clean, effortless, and allows for the stickiest of buds to be ground down into a fine powder for easy consumption.

Cleaning tray

Rolling spliffs and joints can be a little messy. But a rolling tray can make it easier by preventing your cannabis from spilling everywhere. Not only will it keep you space clean but it also prevents waste. If you are still using a magazine to prepare your cannabis, perhaps it’s time to upgrade yourself with a rolling tray.

Portable ashtray

Another vital accessory for cannabis consumers is a portable ashtray. Whether you are smoking indoors, in the car or any permissible space, you need an ashtray to keep the space clean. The portable ones have a compact size and easy-to-clean design, which make them an amazing accessory for on-the-go cannabis consumption.

Papers or vape

If you are a joint smoker, perhaps you will always have a pack of papers. Smoking in hemp-free papers is a popular method of consuming cannabis. Vaping is also a new technique that’s perfect for on-the-go cannabis consumption. Make sure it’s always charged so that you can vape up when outdoors!

Roach book

If you face a hard time tearing up business cards or cigarette packet for a joint roach, perhaps you should consider getting a roach book. These rectangular strips are easy to roll into a roach for a sturdy joint, spliff or blunt. You can even go for the eco-friendly ones, which do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

Air filter

Last but certainly not the least, you need an air filter to prevent the smell of burning cannabis from lingering around the house. Simply use it after you are done and leave the room smelling fresh!

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