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Cliches aside, 2019 is here and everyone is making their resolutions for the next 12 months of life.  While many people may choose things like eating healthier and working out more, there are plenty of resolutions for both the first-time and long-time cannabis users to make.  Northern Lights Cannabis Company is here for you to realize these resolutions and make 2019 your best year yet as a cannabis consumer.


There are many people out there that want to make 2019 their first year as a cannabis consumer – whether, for medicinal or recreational reasons, we’re here to ensure that you consume responsibly.  Although the marketplace can be intimidating for some, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when making your first purchase. First, don’t feel overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of options.  Start where you feel comfortable and allow an experienced professional at Northern Lights to help guide you in the right direction. Second, you must remember to start lightly and increase amounts slowly. Many first time consumers will bite off more than they can chew (quite literally) and have their entire experience ruined.  Cannabis is meant to be an enjoyable ride, and there is nothing to prove by taking a higher dosage or ingesting the most potent concentrate right off the bat. Third, it is very important to find the right situation in which to enjoy cannabis responsibly. For some, it may be around others, and for the rest, it might be best enjoyed alone in their own environment.


For those out there that are long-time users of cannabis, 2019 might be a year in which you take a step forward. While the legalization of cannabis has moved swiftly, there are still plenty of advocacy groups that need volunteer work. Working with the community to improve the understanding of cannabis is hugely important to the overall success of all cannabis companies in Colorado.  By taking an active role in educating others about the many benefits of cannabis, you can help ensure the future success of Northern Lights Cannabis and many other companies like it.


Northern Lights Cannabis is proud to offer a multitude of different cannabis products that the consumer can enjoy.  Maybe 2019 is the year you switch away from ingesting flower or concentrate and instead learn to enjoy the many other ways in which cannabis can be consumed.  Perhaps you will look to edibles as a way to experience more long term effects of cannabis. Maybe 2019 will be the year you switch to vaping cannabis as a means to reduce the possibility of harmful carcinogens from ingesting burning organic matter.  The new year means that you can start over and switching cannabis habits is one way to learn more about the plant you already know and love.


As the federal legalization of hemp moves through Washington, CBD products are arising as a huge factor of the entire market.  The new year is a perfect opportunity to understand all the additional ways the hemp plant can help you become the best version of yourself.  Whether you simply look to ingest a more balanced THC to CBD ratio in your flower or use CBD ointments to help aid sore muscles and joints, 2019 could be the year you realize cannabis as a treatment for a wide array of issues.  There is no shortage of wonderful topical products available at Northern Lights Cannabis company.


Although the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado has been a resounding success, many people have taken it as a sign that they no longer need to learn or educate themselves about the products available.  It is hugely important to constantly learn about new products and as a result, help small cannabis business in Colorado thrive and continue the advancement of the industry. So whether you are a long time consumer or someone considering cannabis for the first time, 2019 is a great opportunity to educate yourself about the endless benefits of the products available to you.  Additionally, use the new year to educate someone new on the benefits of the products available at Northern Lights Cannabis. Above all else in 2019, strive to use cannabis responsibly and intelligently.


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