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Benefits of Cannabis for Pets

The birth of the cannabis industry has led to very rapid growth of a new, legalized industry. As laws change for both medical and recreational uses and more states follow Colorado’s lead, we’re witnessing a boom in not only new businesses, but also new products. The traditional days of simply smoking pot are long gone with a prevailing marketplace of products that allow users to switch up the delivery method of their high.

Newest to reach the cannabis products arena is Therabis – a hemp based supplement line made for Fido.  Thanks to Colorado based edibles giant, Dixie Brands, your dog can now reap the benefits of marijuana’s wellness effects. The Therabis line is a partnership between Dixie Brands and longtime veterinarian Stephen M. Katz. The line’s purpose is to help your beloved pets with things like separation anxiety, itching and joint mobility/flexibility. Therabis has been a work in progress for the past 10 years and has been tested and reformulated on animal patients by Katz at his Bronx clinic.

The three different pet products are known as “Calm and Quiet,” “Up and Moving” and “Stop the Itch”. “Stop the Itch” can help those dogs that constantly scratch from allergies. The formulation of “Stop the Itch” is made to soothe your dog’s skin. “Up and Moving” does just that – helps keep your dog’s joints healthy allowing for better mobility. Walking and going up and down stairs doesn’t have to hurt.  “Calm and Quiet” is perfect for pets with anxiety. We all know that thunderstorms, fireworks or even leaving your dog alone can cause tremendous stress and anxiety for our furry friends. “Calm and Quiet” will help reduce that stress and anxiety, allowing your dog to be happier.

Therabis is formulated so that it only has trace amounts of THC, so it won’t have the psychoactive effects that many people crave for themselves. Don’t worry, Fido isn’t going to get the munchies with this product line. While these products won’t get your pet high, they will benefit from the rich CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

Initially, Dixie Brands will sell Therabis online and then expand to specialty pet stores and ultimately to the large retailers such as Petco and PetSmart. Chief Marketing Officer of Dixie Brands,  Joe Hodas  told The Cannabist that the goal behind the launch of the new line is to “…bring wellness to pets around the world.”


Click here for more information about each of the products available now.

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