Changing the Game

From the golden hills of the California Valley to our nation’s capital, the legalization of both recreational and medical use of cannabis throughout the country has inspired a new generation of cannabis connoisseurs. Responsible for both the cultivation and demand for new strains, these canna-connoisseurs have been experimenting in an effort to create a new […]

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How to Keep Your Cannabis Products Fresh

Cannabis and cannabis-infused products have short shelf lives. While some last a few months, others last just a day or two, making storage and transportation quite a challenge. The shelf life of cannabis-infused products primarily depends on:   Ingredients used   Preparation method   Temperatures processed under   Packaging material   Storage conditions   Usage […]

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CBD For Your Dogs

CBD For Your Dogs It’s so exciting to hear about new studies taking place around the use of marijuana. More and more studies are popping up all the time and all we can say is it is about time! Once the door to legalized marijuana was cracked open, it seems that the spread of legalized […]

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