Pot Smokers are Happy People

Pot Smokers are Happy People While it’s probably not news to you, a study recently conducted finally proves that pot smokers are happier than non-pot smokers. Sort of a big duh, but now there is scientific evidence that marijuana can equate to happiness. The study, conducted by BDS Analytics, published the first of its kind […]

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710 Concentrates Week

710 Concentrates Week July is HOT here in Denver, so of course we’ve got some HOT deals going on now at both of our Northern Lights location. Starting 7/10, we are hosting some awesome events all week long. 7/10 week is all about concentrates and we can’t wait to share them with you. Visit either […]

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4 Things To Do In The Mile High City High

4 Things To Do In The Mile High City High Our great city has tons of activities to offer any day of the week. Museums, parks, beautiful mountain settings, you name it, we’ve got it. But have you tried some of your favorite activities after enjoying some of your favorite marijuana? Pairing some of your […]

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Are You Summer Ready?

Summer Must Haves Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, we’ve probably officially celebrated the start of summer by lighting up our grills and cooking out with friends. Whether you plan to host or attend a bunch of backyard barbeques, you’ll want to have your summertime stash ready for whatever occasion you encounter […]

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Denver Dispensary Now Open Late

Denver Dispensary Now Open Late Northern Lights Cannabis Co. in the Denver Metro area will now have new hours of operation! The City of Denver has finally done it. After months and months of discussion about the pros and cons for the city and its citizens, extended business operating hours are now allowed for Denver […]

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Northern Lights Wins At Grow-Off Competition

Northern Lights Wins At Grow-Off Competition We’ve been working hard over the past 6 months on a quest to be among the best. Today we are happy to announce that we are. And that’s not just someone’s opinion; that’s scientific fact. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. has been participating in The Grow-Off, a mission to test […]

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5 Stoner Life Hacks

Being a stoner sometimes has a bad rap. Lazy, unambitious people who only sit around smoking dope. Maybe that’s the stoner of the past. But stoners today are with it. This awesome roller coaster ride of a marijuana movement has proven that to the world. While there are tons of cool tools available to make […]

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