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CBD For Your Dogs

It’s so exciting to hear about new studies taking place around the use of marijuana. More and more studies are popping up all the time and all we can say is it is about time! Once the door to legalized marijuana was cracked open, it seems that the spread of legalized use grew pretty quickly. But, for lots of reasons, the scientific studies haven’t. Colorado State University has joined the ranks of those conducting scientific studies as it relates to marijuana use. The latest study tackles the issue of safety and effectiveness for our furry, four-legged best friends.

CSU vets have set out to answer the question of how medical marijuana affects our pets when used to treat pets with chronic illnesses. After determining that CBD delivered to a dog’s bloodstream didn’t pose safety concerns to conduct clinical trials, researchers went to work testing the effects CBD had on animals suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis and epilepsy. While marijuana products have been available to our pets for some time and many of us know the effects our pets experienced, there hasn’t been a scientific study like this done before.

Clinical trials with dogs began last November. While results aren’t yet available, scientists are recording and analyzing the results of the clinical trial. The specific intention of this trial is to determine if CBD could be an effective treatment for animals with epilepsy and osteoarthritis.

Regardless of the results, this trial is sure to open the door to more questions needing answers and potentially more scientific studies.

Of course we want the best for our bests and want to make sure they are safe, regardless of what medical treatments are needed. And for the veterinarians at Colorado State University conducting these trials, they know that the stakes are high. As some dogs don’t see improvement from traditional treatments, trying marijuana could be the last option for many before having to go down the path of euthanasia. Many pet owners will do anything and everything for their animals, especially when it comes to their quality of life. We want our pets to benefit from cannabis; especially when nothing else has worked. Trials such as this one could be the last hope for many of our furry friends.

Learn more about the first of its kind study here.

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