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Children’s Hospital Allows CBD Oil


Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

The cannabis industry in Colorado is making history once again – especially the medical cannabis industry.

Children’s Hospital Colorado is allowing an admitted patient to be treated with marijuana oil containing beneficial CBD within their walls.  Baby Amylea Faith Nuñez from New Mexico began suffering from extreme and debilitating seizures just days after birth. The seizures rapidly became frequent taking place as often as every 30 minutes and each one has the potential to take her life.

Sadly, none of the FDA approved drugs she was prescribed stopped the seizures. Amylea’s parents made requests to their neurologists to allow them to administer Charlotte’s Web to Amylea while under the hospital’s care in the neonatal intensive care unit where she has been for several weeks. Not surprisingly, they were initially faced with objection, but after weeks of discussions, the couple was finally granted their request…with conditions.

Amylea’s parents, Ernie and Nicole Nuñez, were given permission to administer the requested two doses of Charlotte’s Web to Amylea each day. The medical staff however, cannot administer the oil. In fact, the doctors and nurses aren’t allowed to even touch the oil.

While the hospital is not prescribing or recommending the non-FDA approved treatment, it seems that it will be part of history in the making regardless of its stance on medical marijuana. While we have all heard the stories of children suffering from various types of epilepsy, a CBD treatment conducted inside of a hospital is not a common practice…at least yet. As part of this decision, Baby Amylea has been enrolled in a research study specifically for children with epilepsy being treated with marijuana oil.

Could baby Amylea be the catalyst to a future of a medical community working hand in hand with medical marijuana providers? Does Amylea’s story offer another glimmer of hope to other families struggling with medical conditions? Could this mean progress not just for Amylea, but a nation when it comes to healthcare? Colorado, let’s keep moving forward for the benefit of all.    

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