Chong’s Choice Exclusive Partner of Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

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Chong’s Choice Exclusive Partner of Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is now an exclusive partner with Chong’s Choice cannabis products. For the first time ever in Denver, cannabis lovers can now get Chong’s Choice at both metro area Northern Lights Cannabis Co. locations. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is proud to carry Tommy Chong’s high quality strains Blue Dream, Grape Stomper and Durban Haze. And right now, the only place to get Chong’s Choice in Denver is exclusively at Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

The strains, Blue Dream, Grape Stomper and Durban Haze are popular hybrid strains that originated in California and Africa and are often used for health and wellness purposes. Blue Dream and Durban Haze are Sativa dominate hybrids while Grape Stomper is an Indica dominate hybrid. These legendary strains are now available in Denver from a legendary cannabis connoisseur.

Northern Lights Cannabis Co. made history on January 1, 2014 with the first ever legal recreational marijuana sale in Denver, Colorado. Now they are making history again as the platform for the highly sought after Chong’s Choice products.

Mitch Woolheiser, President of Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is proud to offer Chong’s Choice at his Denver area dispensary locations. “We are extremely excited to carry this iconic brand,” says Woolheiser. “Chong’s Choice cares about the same things we do: quality product, great service and supporting the mom and pop operations that are the backbone of this evolving industry.”

Much like its namesake strain, Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is committed to being unforgettable. This commitment to individualized client services allows a one of a kind experience at either dispensary location. Woolheiser and his wife and business partner Eva strive for excellence by carrying the best cannabis products available while offering the best customer service experience to each person that walks through their doors.

Chong’s Choice, founded by legendary comedian and cannabis advocate Tommy Chong, provides the highest quality cannabis products in several states. Available in Arizona, California, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, Chong’s Choice products are organic, locally sourced, hand picked and packaged as well as lab certified. Tommy’s passion about cannabis began long before the legalization process began and has continued for decades making him a very well-known advocate for the cannabis movement. Tommy’s goal with Chong’s Choice is to bring you the very best cannabis products available. And now Denver, he has brought them to you.

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