Denver Considering Extended Hours for Dispensaries

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Denver Considering Extended Hours for Dispensaries

We love that we have been able to cater to our customer’s needs by staying open late. The flexibility and convenience that our extended hours offers to our customers is what Northern Lights Cannabis Co. is all about. We’ve been able to provide service to our clients late into the night at our Sloan’s Lake location since 2016. But since the City of Denver mandates that dispensaries located within Denver city limits close no later than 7 pm, our Denver location hasn’t yet had the opportunity to serve our customers during their late night runs. Good news: Denver City Council is considering potentially changing this outdated law. In a time of uncertainty, we’re happy that our local lawmakers are thinking about extended hours for dispensaries and are still understanding of the benefits of the marijuana movement.

As more and more states look at decriminalizing marijuana and we’re seeing marijuana policies shaping globally, we’re stoked that the potential to continue to evolve the movement is still taking place here locally. City council members are realizing now that requiring dispensaries to close down shop at 7 pm is causing the city to lose out to neighboring cities like Glendale and Edgewater that do allow for operating hours late into the night. While Denver is the largest market in the state, these limited operating hours are keeping Denver from being competitive when compared to smaller surrounding markets.   

Colorado Law allows for dispensaries to close by midnight, but Denver’s current ordinances limiting sales at 7 pm can really put a damper on marijuana businesses and consumers alike. After 7 pm, consumers are having to make a trip to neighboring cities that are able to still be open for business, putting the beneficial tax revenue in those cities pockets instead of Denver’s. We see this as an inconvenience to consumers who are working towards a healthier, happier life.

While it doesn’t look like city council is going to go for a midnight closing time like some of the surrounding areas, we’re happy that this discussion is being had and that extended hours for dispensaries are being considered. The current compromise between council members is 10 pm. According to The Denver Post, the measure is expected to have a final decision by the end of April.   

Until then, we’re looking forward to the day where all of us at Northern Lights Cannabis Co. could potentially have the opportunity to serve our clients late into the night at our Denver location just like we do at our Edgewater store.


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