Denver to Use Marijuana in Bars

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Denver to Use Marijuana in Bars

Colorado and cannabis are making history…again. The topic of cannabis doesn’t seem to be falling from people’s minds even though our friend has been in the limelight for a while now. And with all of the excellent election news over the past month or so that has taken place nationwide with regards to cannabis, we are likely going to continue seeing cannabis in the news. With eight other states approving legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, the country is just getting started with cannabis. Here at home, Denver is now the first city in the United States that voters have approved the use of marijuana in limited social marijuana exclusive bars.

Although the official count took a week or so to come in, Proposition 300 was approved by Denver voters. Prop 300 allows people to use marijuana in designated social settings. Marijuana and marijuana products will also be allowed for use in other public places like yoga studios and art galleries. This is another step forward in the marijuana movement normalizing the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.

 A couple caveats:

While the use of marijuana in some public places in Denver has been approved, it cannot be smoked. Marijuana in businesses where allowed will need to be consumed in other ways. But this is not a problem since there are so many ways to experience marijuana. (Can you say, “edibles“? Hooray!) Additionally, establishments interested in allowing marijuana use will have to prove there is support from the neighborhood before getting a license.  Proposition 300 does not allow these designated social areas to supply and sell marijuana, only for it to be consumed at a licensed premises. Patrons will need to bring their own marijuana with them to consume.

While Prop 300 takes effect immediately, it is unknown at this time what the volume of businesses in the City of Denver seeking licenses will be. While this is one more step up the giant ladder that is the cannabis debate, it may be several months before an establishment in Denver can actually permit the use of marijuana within its walls.

Stay tuned for this story to continue to develop as we begin to see the use of marijuana in more and more places. Before long, you’ll be stopping by one of our Northern Lights Cannabis Co. locations before you head out to one of your favorite cannabis friendly joints (pun fully intended) with friends for the night.   

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