Forget Alcohol: 3 Reasons Why Marijuana is Better

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Forget Alcohol: 3 Reasons Why Marijuana is Better

Forget Alcohol: 3 Reasons Why Marijuana is Better

Our country sure loves its alcohol. Alcohol is a daily part of many people’s lives. Alcohol is part of our culture here in America. We pair it with sports, parties and other social engagements, a bad day, a good day, and more. You name the activity or event and alcohol may be on the guest list. And with liquor stores in just about every shopping center here in Colorado, you know that alcohol plays a significant role in many lives. But, we know that consuming alcohol carries risks; some serious. These risks lead to a strong argument in favor of marijuana over alcohol. And as more people accept the use of marijuana, more research is being done that suggests marijuana has many benefits. As people choose health and wellness, a realization that benefits of marijuana far outweigh benefits of alcohol is becoming prevalent. Check out these three reasons why marijuana is better than alcohol.  


Knock Out The Overdose

There have not been any documented deaths directly related to the over-consumption of marijuana. And of course, like alcohol, marijuana can be misused and abused. However, alcohol is known to be responsible for thousands of alcohol poisoning deaths every year. The CDC reports that there are an average of 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths each year. That equates to six people dying each day in the United States from alcohol poisoning. And even more alarming, 76% of these deaths are middle-aged people ranging from 35 to 64 years old. These are not America’s youth dying from alcohol overdose. Colorado happens to be among the highest alcohol poisoning related deaths in the country landing in the 11.9 million to 46.5 million range for documented deaths.


Peaceful Influence

At times and for some people, alcohol consumption can lead to violent behavior. Actually, alcohol is known for making people violent more than any other substance; hence the well-known ‘bar fight’ scene that has played out countless times. On the other hand, studies are identifying that pot smokers are happy people. Happy people are less likely to be violent and promote peace instead. It’s not everyday you hear of of stoners breaking out into a knock-down, drag-out fight after a few tokes. You might be more likely to see someone break out into a yoga pose after a bong hit.


Health and Wellness

We all know there are tons of health benefits associated with using marijuana. From stress to pain relief, nausea to insomnia, marijuana can be a real life-saver for people who suffer from tons of different conditions. People looking for health and wellness may be likely to incorporate marijuana use into their lives to promote their goals. Meanwhile, alcohol tends to be a substance that needs to be cut out for health and wellness purposes. Statistics of alcohol poisonings aside, alcohol can be detrimental to one’s health causing conditions such as fetal alcohol syndrome, cancer, liver damage and more.


While alcohol can make us feel good or help take the edge off of a bad day, it is clear that the benefits of marijuana use are better than what alcohol offers. Marijuana is safer, healthier and peaceful. Next time you are given the choice, choose marijuana

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