How Marijuana Made Colorado a Safer Place

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How Marijuana Made Colorado a Safer Place

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When cannabis was legalized, many Coloradans worried that crime would rise making neighborhoods littered with dispensaries unsafe, but just the opposite happened. The crime rate went down, but the best part is that these neighborhoods that were so worried about marijuana legalization are actually doing better than ever.

Folks in the marijuana business are mostly good hearted cannabis enthusiasts who want to give back. There are highway clean ups sponsored all over Colorado interstates, and charity functions take place regularly. Some dispensaries donate to youth awareness programs, and there are 5k runs, 10k runs (many k runs) hosted during the summer.

Each dispensary has security cameras everywhere, which means that any crime committed nearby will be caught on video, and the culprit will be easily found. Crime on Colfax Avenue has actually decreased. The street was once widely known as a place to find a drug dealer on any given corner, but when legal cannabis moved in the drug dealers moved out. Block by block, dispensaries helped clean up Colfax, and make it a safer place.

Marijuana taxes are also going to good use within the school systems across the state. A big part of the legalization process was for taxes to be used for construction of Colorado schools. A portion of the taxes also went towards creating a marijuana task force, which created more jobs overall.

We’re over a year and half into marijuana legalization and Colorado has proven that it works. We’ve become a model for other states to follow as cannabis is legalized across the country. All of the worries before the amendment was enacted have virtually disappeared now. Denver is a safer, and more successful place thanks to marijuana.

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