Marijuana Vote: Edibles vs. Inhalation

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Marijuana Vote: Edibles vs. Inhalation

The election is just days away and the volume to vote has been turned up. Have you filled out your ballot yet? Maybe you need a break from the heaviness of the election season. Though we are nearing the end, the constant negative ads, messages and campaigning can wear on a person. Vote, vote, vote. Get out and vote. Vote for this, vote for that. Enough already. Well we have a vote that might be more pleasant for you to cast. This campaign: edibles vs. inhalation.

The Debate: edibles vs. inhalation

Pros: Edibles a Healthy Alternative to Smoking Marijuana

Edibles eliminate potentially negative effects from smoking. Smoking marijuana can be harsh on your lungs and throat. And pot edibles don’t always have to be the stereotypical brownies. There has been an explosion of cannabis bakeries and kitchens around Colorado, which offer a host of sweet and savory foods with the cannabis “baked in”. Infused foods include: baked goods (brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, etc.), hard candy, suckers, gum, ice cream, drinks, chocolates, coffee, tea, tinctures, popcorn and snack mixes to name a few. You can even make your own edible blend such as cannabutter that can be used in your cooking. There are tons of options in edible infusion so if you are more health-minded, that’s no problem.

Cons: Edibles can be More Difficult to Dose

Edibles can be tricky because of the delayed reaction. 30 minutes into your session, you may not feel a thing. You may consider eating more thinking the first dose was a dud. When it does finally kick in, you are more likely to have a sudden and extreme onset. This may not be such a big deal when you are super high from smoking, because the high can dissipate pretty quickly. But highs from edible consumption can last a couple of hours. This may be a problem unless you have nothing to do for the next several hours. The trick with edibles is to remember to be patient and prepared.

Pros: Inhaling Marijuana Takes Less Effort

The effects of inhaling marijuana are instantaneous vs. edibles that can take 30-60 minutes to experience on an empty stomach or up to two hours after a meal. The duration of the high from edibles can be from 4-8 hours. This unpredictability can make edibles the wrong choice for you.

When smoking marijuana, THC is delivered directly to the blood stream for quicker effect. Marijuana-infused edibles take a bit longer for noticeable effects because the THC is processed in the liver first during digestion before it is converted to THC. This process can give you a greater effect but takes longer to realize. When smoking marijuana, the stomach is bypassed and THC travels directly to the brain. So when you are aiming to get high, ask yourself what your end goal is. Do you want a quick, fact-acting high or perhaps a stronger high that takes longer to notice?

When marijuana is inhaled, your body will receive 50 to 60 percent of beneficial THC and other cannabinoids. When ingesting marijuana from an edible, the THC and other cannabinoid rate is much less – more like 10 to 20 percent.

Cons: Effects May Not Last as Long as Edibles

Inhaled cannabis effects can peak in about 10 minutes while edible-consumed cannabis can last much longer.  Smoking marijuana may also have some unwanted short-term side effects that you don’t have when consuming edibles. The dry-mouth taste left behind after smoking marijuana isn’t for everyone. The same goes for the odor that can be detected on your hands and clothes after lighting up that joint. Therefore, edibles can be a more discreet method of consuming marijuana.

The Vote

While this election season may be causing the nation great stress, the real question is “Who are you voting for: Edibles or Inhalation?” This November, which one of these are you going to give your vote to? Who will win the edibles vs. inhalation race?

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