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Here is how our Denver dispensary menu works. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. offers Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids. Indicas are more of a “body high.” They are good for relaxing, sleeping, and are used for all kinds of medical conditions. Sativas are more of a “head high.” They wake you up and get you going. Northern Lights Cannabis Co. also offers “hybrids” which combine the effects of both strains. Make sure you consult with our staff to help you select the right cannabis flower for your specific needs. We also feature a full line of yummy edibles, topicals, and wax. We strive to have the highest quality supply in Denver.

Edgewater Area

Northern Lights Edgewater Location
2045 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater, CO 80214

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Denver Metro Area

Northern Lights Baker Area Location
183 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223

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