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Mom and Pop Dispensaries

023_NLC_080715As the marijuana industry has exploded, we have witnessed large numbers of dispensaries and grow houses pop up all over the place. As a front running state in the marijuana movement, this is especially true in Colorado.  One endearing fact about Colorado dispensaries is that many are family owned and operated and are not large corporations looking to make a buck. Putting everything that they have into the business (and then some), Mom and Pop shops have largely been the way of the industry. But as the industry matures, cannabis chains are popping up with the potential to take a bite out of the market.


So why shop at a Mom and Pop dispensary? Here are three things Mom and Pop dispensaries can offer you that large corporations may not.

  1. Customer Service

Aside from providing a quality product, providing unsurpassed customer service is crucial for success at any Mom and Pop shop. Visiting a dispensary shouldn’t simply be about the product or products you will leave there with; it’s about the experience as a whole. At Northern Lights Cannabis, we pride ourselves to provide the best customer service experience possible. We view every person that comes through our doors as an opportunity to educate and share our knowledge with. We want every person to leave with products that they feel good about and don’t push whatever happens to be hot at the moment.

Whether for medical or recreational purposes, shopping for cannabis is a very personal activity and should always be treated as such. Staff should always take the time to help customers find the best products for the individual and not necessarily push the products meant for the masses.  Many small dispensaries strive to offer a comfortable and welcoming shop with friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help guide customers to what they are looking for.

  1. Shop Local

The “Shop Local” movement that we see at the grocery stores, farmers markets or in other industries applies to the cannabis industry as well. As small shop owners, we are part of the same community that our customers are. We eat at the same restaurants, shop at the stores and have kids at the same schools. As members of the same communities as our customers, we carry with us the honor it is to serve our communities. We are proud to offer excellent customer service and quality products to our friends and neighbors. Who is there better to serve than those in your own communities?

  1. Craftsmanship

An industry’s craft is important and not all products are created equally. At Northern Lights Cannabis, we love to package many products right in front of our customers. So shoppers can see exactly what they are getting, we hand select and weigh right in front of our customers. This helps us as the store owner and you as the customer know that only quality products are leaving our shop with you. The “grab and go” mentality is not always the best way to display craftsmanship and certainly doesn’t provide the most individualized experience for our shoppers.

Visiting a dispensary should be a personal experience for consumers. Shoppers deserve concierge-style service to meet their individual needs. Meeting the needs and learning individual preferences of shoppers has to be a top priority to providing an excellent experience in the cannabis industry. Happy shopping!

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