4 Tips for How to Fight the Munchies

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4 Tips for How to Fight the Munchies

4 Tips for How to Fight the Munchies. Sadly, as with anything good in life, there are bound to be a few pitfalls. That goes with our beloved marijuana as well. Some people don’t care for the odor it can leave behind after smoking it, while others may struggle with some serious munchies. Aside from eating your weekly stash of groceries in one sitting, having the munchies frequently can cause weight gain, which may not be the desired effect of your lifestyle choice. So, when the munchies strike, fight back: 4 tips for taking control.

1. Workout Early
If you know you will be hitting that bong after a long day at work, plan to hit the gym sooner rather than later. Putting a workout off can easily lead to no workout. And for many of us, working out after a smoke session may not provide the best motivation to keep our bodies fit. If you know you’ve got a case of the munchies headed your way, be proactive and at least burn off a few calories before the binge begins.

2. Smart Snacking
Do you have a favorite snack that you gotta have after some MJ indulgence? If it’s not so good for you like an entire box of Girl Scout cookies, then maybe it’s time to come up with a healthier alternative. Cruise the internet or a health foods store for healthier snack ideas that may be somewhat like your go-to munchie tamer. You could find something just as tasty and save yourself a ton of calories.

3. Plan Ahead
Recognizing that you have a munchie problem is smart. Planning ahead for it is even smarter. If you already know you are going to mow down a bag of chips once the munchies take over, don’t keep chips in the house. Eliminating the junk food from your kitchen will inevitably help keep you from consuming a dozen donuts when the urge hits you. Pack your kitchen full of better-for-you options. If you’ve gotta munch on something and you only have an apple handy, then an apple it is!

4. Experiment
Think back to the days in school when you used to do science experiments. Some of them were kinda cool. Arrange for your own science experiments by trying out different strains. Some strains may make you crave that XL meat lovers pizza more than others. Test out some new to you strains and make note of the effect on you. You may find that some strains make you forget all about food while others turn your appetite into an unstoppable force. Plus, you may end up learning tons about what type of weed connoisseur you are. Have fun with it and find your new favs that can keep you from binge eating like everyday is Thanksgiving. 

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