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Premium Recreational Dispensaries


At Northern Lights, we’ve been helping pair customers with the perfect strains for relief, anxiety management, and chronic pain since 2010. Now that we’re able to serve an even broader customer base of recreational and medicinal marijuana users, there’s nothing stopping us from growing, thriving, and helping customers find that perfect match. Our Edgwater location offers both medical and recreational products.

Founded in 2010, Northern Lights Cannabis Co is an award-winning dispensary that is home to one of the first recreational cannabis sales in the country. With our Denver location open late 7 days a week, we have made it our mission to provide educational, friendly customer service paired with high quality, locally produced cannabis and cannabis derived products. We provide a comfortable and professional environment in a boutique-style setting that allows our customers to count on an exceptional experience every time!

Staffed by friendly, highly knowledgeable cannabis experts, our dispensaries serve both medical and recreational marijuana consumers. People travel from near and far to purchase from our wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals in our welcoming recreational and medical dispensaries. Be sure to check out our maps on the wall showing where our customers have traveled from!

At Northern Lights Cannabis Co, we believe in providing only the highest quality products and never carry pre-packaged cannabis. Unlike many dispensaries, we hand select and weigh every bud right in front of you! We also offer a loyalty program and daily specials for both medical and recreational consumers.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

At Northern Lights Cannabis Co, we understand and respect the vital role medical marijuana plays in many people’s lives. Founded as a medical dispensary, we truly value our medical roots and have made it our focus to provide patients with the best medicine possible. Medical patients also take priority in line and will always be served first. All medical card holders are eligible for our primary patient program that offers discounts on all of our products as well as additional monthly perks.

Recreational Dispensary

Committed to providing all of our customers with a great selection of high quality cannabis products, Northern Lights offers recreational sales to all consumers 21 years of age and up. New to cannabis? No problem! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is more than ready to help guide you through your visit and help you select from our wide variety of cannabis and cannabis infused products. We also offer daily specials at Denver dispensary locations for recreational consumers, so be sure to ask your budtender about current specials next time you come in!

Choose From Our Great Selection of Recreational Marijuana at Northern Lights Cannabis

At our recreational dispensary in Denver, Northern Lights Cannabis offers a wide selection of recreational marijuana products for both new and experienced consumers. Our roots are in medical marijuana, and we strive to bring the same level of service and quality products to our recreational customers whether you’re looking to relax, relieve stress, or simply have an enjoyable experience.

Using marijuana is a little different for everyone, and our wide-ranging selection makes it possible to find whatever you’re looking for, or even discover something for the first time, like a fragrant new strain of flower, a unique and delicious edible, or a soothing topical.

Easy Online Ordering from Your Preferred Denver Dispensary

From traditional flower, to convenient vapes and pre-rolls, to potent extracts and delectable edibles, to soothing topicals, you’ll find everything you need to meet your medical and recreational needs at Northern Lights Cannabis Co.  Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you learn more about the incredible selection at our Denver or Edgewater dispensary, so you can make informed decisions concerning your health and wellness needs and personal product preferences.

For your convenience, we also offer an online ordering option, so you can take your time perusing our recreational products from the comfort of home, order remotely, and pick up in-store when your schedule permits.  We understand not everyone has time to shop at our marijuana dispensary, and not everyone feels comfortable conducting research on our premium products with other shoppers around.

Whether you’re new to the cannabis scene and you feel self-conscious asking lengthy questions in-store, you need a lot of time to decide on the right products, or you simply find it easier to peruse and compare products online at your leisure, online shopping is a great alternative to browsing our products in-store.  Our website delivers a wealth of product information to help you comparison shop, and you have the opportunity to read product reviews to learn what other consumers are saying.

Plus, if you have questions, you can always give us a call and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about our outstanding selections of products, the brands we carry, different strains, and more.  When you’ve made your decision, you can order online or over the phone for convenient in-store pickup, with no wait.  If you have time to stop in and shop, we encourage you to enjoy our welcoming environment and speak with our expert team members.  If you’re too busy, online ordering offers an ideal alternative.

You can order up to one ounce online and pay with cash or credit when you pick up your order in-store.  You must be 21 or older to order and present a valid form of ID upon checkout.

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Quality Staff, Quality Products

Get Acquainted With the Products at Our Denver Recreational Dispensary

The beauty of a marijuana dispensary is the range of products that make it possible for you to consume cannabis just the way you like it. At both our Denver dispensaries, you’ll find flower, edibles, topicals, and more, all available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. How you choose to consume marijuana will significantly change your experience, so here’s an idea of what to expect from each category and some of the products we offer within them.


If you prefer smoking marijuana and the fast-acting effects that come with it, flower is the way to go. We have buds from a diverse selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, and we’re always happy to provide our recommendations. We also offer pre-rolled joints for an even more convenient smoke session.


Edibles are a great alternative if you don’t want to smoke, with nearly endless options to suit your tastes. If you’re looking for something sweet, we have THC-infused baked goods, chocolate, hard candy, chews, gummies, and more. We also have a selection of popcorn, snack mixes, and other savory snacks, as well as coffee, tea, and other drinks, and even some creative options like THC-infused ice cream. Keep in mind that it may take up to an hour to feel the effects of an edible, and the high can last for a few hours. Pay attention to the dosage, and start with 10 mg or less at a time. A little goes a long way!

Wax and Concentrates

Made from extracting the resin from flowers, these products feature highly concentrated doses of THC. They come at a higher price point and are usually recommended for more experienced users, but they do allow for flexibility of consumption, often as a vapor, and they produce very powerful, fast-acting effects.


One of the most convenient ways to use marijuana, tinctures are liquid products that you can consume directly as drops under the tongue, or add to drinks and food to create your own edibles. Tinctures take effect quickly, and the dropper dispenser in each bottle makes it easy to control dosage for the experience you want.


Customers looking to benefit from recreational marijuana in a different way may be interested in topical products. Topicals are applied to the skin rather than consumed orally, so their effects are more localized, helping to relieve pain or inflammation exactly where your body needs it most. Topicals don’t produce a full-body or head high, so don’t be surprised if you don’t feel those particular effects, but this means you can reap their benefits without interrupting your daily routine. At our marijuana dispensary we offer a range of topical products including lotions, oils, creams, balms, and bath salts.

Come into our Denver recreational dispensary to learn more about any of these products and hear favorite recommendations from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. At Northern Lights, we want to help you feel your best and enrich your life, so we’ll help you find the best product for you whether you’re a tourist wanting to try recreational marijuana for the first time, a regular customer looking for something different, or anywhere in between.

Our Wide Variety of Products

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Find the Right Strain of Recreational Marijuana for You

With so many products to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming for both new and experienced consumers to figure out where to start. The knowledgeable staff at our Denver dispensary are always available to answer your questions, but knowing the different strains can help you make your decision. It’s as easy as understanding these three options.

  • Sativa: Sativa strains have an energizing and awakening effect, sometimes called a “head high.” This makes them a great choice to use earlier in the day, or when you plan to be active or social during your high. Our award-winning Kaboom strain is a great choice if you’re looking for a sativa strain.
  • Indica: Indica strains provide a more “full-body high” ideal for relaxation and pain relief. They’re great for use later in the day, for more sedentary activities like watching TV, or to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds, with elements of both sativa and indica. If you want to relieve pain while staying more awake and aware, a hybrid strain may be your best bet. Some hybrids are more sativa-heavy while others are more indica-heavy, so you can try different strains to find the balance that works best for you.

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Benefits of Choosing Northern Lights as Your Edgewater Recreational Dispensary

Whether you’re in the market for recreational or medical marijuana, Northern Lights Cannabis Co. always offers an outstanding selection of premium products, along with the exceptional service and support that make finding the perfect products a cinch.  Our commitment to providing individualized attention to every customer ensures a positive experience and satisfying outcomes, and our ability to help you find the best products for your needs and preferences is based on several essential elements.

First and foremost, we strive to carry a wide variety of premium products, ensuring that every customer finds options that deliver relief, relaxation, revival, and more.  We present these products in a bright, welcoming environment filled with vibrant displays, to ensure an uplifting and engaging shopping experience.  However, our most important asset is our talented team of cannabis experts.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to educate you on different products, whether you’re relatively new to cannabis or you’re a seasoned regular at Northern Lights Cannabis Co.


At Northern Lights Cannabis Co., we’re always delighted to meet new people, and the dedicated staff at our Denver recreational dispensary is pleased to educate customers on the products most likely to meet their needs and suit their preferences.  Feel free to contact us from 10am to 7pm daily at our Denver location at:

183 W Alameda Ave.

Denver, CO 80223



You can also check out our Edgewater location between the hours of 9am and midnight daily at:

2045 Sheridan Blvd.

Edgewater, CO 80214



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