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Project Description

Anne at Northern Lights Cannabis Co

Anne Tully

Age: 55

Origin: Born in Sturgis, South Dakota. Lived in Colorado for the past 35 years.

Job Title: Compliance Specialist

Short Biography:

“I started out in the greenhouse business. After 10 years of that, everyone told me I needed to grow up and go to college. I got my degree but hated all jobs there afterwards. Now in the cannabis/greenhouse business, I just think this is the most amazing industry anyone could be involved in. It’s a brand new industry with wonderful people. I can’t say enough good things about it.”


  • Kaboom! – “This is my very favorite strain.”
  • Sour Diesel – “Sour Diesel is a close second.”
  • Stratos 15:1 CBD – “I have a lot of old injuries, so I am a big advocate for CBD. I take Stratos 15:1 CBD twice a day and get great benefits from that.”


  • Northern Lights Bud – “This is a good strain for anyone who has trouble sleeping. It doesn’t lock you in the couch. It slowly eases you to sleep.”
  • Kaboom! – “This strain is called ‘Kaboom!’ for a reason. I call it the ‘get-stuff-done’ strain. It is an energetic strain that really helps get you moving and accomplishing tasks.”
  • “As for other recommendations, more than anything, I try to really listen to my customer. I want to find something that would really help them personally, rather than just focusing on my favorites.”