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Project Description

David Sosa

Age: 29

Origin: Born in Houston, Texas. Been in Colorado since 2011.

Job Title: Budtender/Social Media Coordinator

Short Biography:

“I was born and raised in Houston. I got a degree in Videography while attending college in Texas. Eventually, I started working as a waiter. After 2 years of saving, I had enough money that I packed up all my things in a truck, grabbed my dog (Elah) and started driving. I didn’t really have a plan. I just had always wanted to live in Colorado, even before it became a Cannabis state. I kind of just got lucky that the Cannabis Industry was taking off right as I got here. Once I saw what the cannabis industry could do and how the industry was trying to re-spin it in a positive light away from stereotypes and negativity, I decided I needed to get involved. After having worked at various cannabis jobs, I ended up at Northern Lights and have not looked back since. My dog, Elah, loves it here too, especially, during our annual camping trip!”


  • Concentrates – “Concentrates are a big thing with me. I definitely use Quest Concentrates, Double Black Extracts, and CRX Concentrate Remedies the most. They make amazing products. Their terpene levels are through the roof and you can always rely on consistent potency with these products. They are starting to change what it means to be a ‘quality concentrate’ in the concentrate game.
  • Northern Lights grown Pre-98’ Bubba Kush – “[Northern Lights Cannabis Co.’s] flower is the best in the state. I enjoy some of my favorite strains of all time much more here. There are managers from other dispensaries who come here rather than buy from their own location because of the better quality of our bud. My favorite strain is Pre-98’ Bubba Kush. It has always been my favorite but even more so here at Northern Lights. It smells amazing, like Fruity Pebbles. This strain delivers that really great body stoney-ness you expect from a good indica. There is a medicinal value to this strain also because of its slightly higher percentage of CBD. It’s a heavy indica and it’s so good.
  • Binske Honey – “This is one of our newer products. It is a medicated honey. This stuff is pretty amazing. I drizzle it on all my food as long as honey goes with it. It makes for a great cup of tea to ease the day or make your day that much better. You can make any recipe that requires honey with it. It’s pretty great!”


  • Wana Gummies – “Wana Brand Gummies are great for beginners, especially the Wana Hybrid Gummies. These edibles are really easy to dosage out. Cut one gummie in half or four ways to get a lower dosage. Their shelf life is longer than baked goods and they don’t melt in the sun like chocolates or other fat-based edibles. They are great for hiking trips.”
  • The Dabba Bar –  “The Dabba Bar is a really REALLY potent edible best used for sleep. This bar has won a fair amount of awards. It is divided up into easily portioned pieces. If you are having trouble sleeping, it will definitely put you out. Just be sure you like mint chocolate before grabbing one.”
  • The Dutch Girl Waffle Cookies – “These cookies are just amazing. Eat one with your coffee in the morning to start your day right. Absolutely delicious!”