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Project Description

DJ Ryland

Age: 40

Origin: Born and raised in Colorado.

Job Title: Operations Manager

Short Biography:

“I started with Northern Lights in 2010. I have been blessed to have the experience of opening both a medical dispensary and the opportunity to now open a recreational dispensary. I started my career in banking, where I spent 11 years. I was very happy to make the transition to cannabis, something that I feel strongly about. I have been fortunate to work with a lot of people along the way that really share the same passion about cannabis and its many benefits. My dog Duke has also enjoyed his career at Northern lights. He gets to come to the store all the time!”


  • Banana Kush – “Nothing beats the flavor and aroma of Banana Kush.”
  • Agent Orange – “This strain’s flavor is incredible. It is the most citrusy tasting marijuana I have ever had.
  • Vape Cartridges – “I love Vape Cartridges. It has been a whirlwind experience with a lot of new Vape companies and products coming on to the scene. Because of this, I will not mention any one company. As soon as I find one I like, there is a new one to try. It’s really wonderful to have so many options.”


  • Mary Jane’s Medicinals & Apothecanna – “I think one of the most interesting things I have found since my start in the industry is how much my older friends have benefitted from the use of topicals. Both Mary Jane’s Medicinals and Apothecanna are great products for pain relief of any kind.”
  • Banana Kush – “People have a misconception that all Indicas make you fall asleep. I find more of an indica blend is really good for relaxation. Banana Kush in particular is a great strain for a relaxing afternoon without putting you to sleep. It is one of my all time favorites.”
  • The Growing Kitchen Chill Pills – “CBD Chill Pills from The Growing Kitchen and anything with a good CBD cross makes for a great edible. The low amount of THC makes it easier to find the right dosage without going overboard. When eating edibles take it slow. Everybody metabolizes edibles differently. Give your body time to let the effects set in.”