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Project Description

Eva - Northern Lights Cannabis Co

Eva Woolhiser

Age: 58

Origin: Born in Dayton, Ohio. Came to Colorado in 1992.

Job Title: Vice President & Founder

Short Biography:

“I was a dental hygienist for almost 30 years. This has helped me bring a health care aspect to the company. It was especially useful when we first opened for Medical Marijuana. As you can see, we have grown quite a bit since then. I could not be more excited to be in this new emerging industry. The best part is the family I have acquired in Northern Lights. I love them all!”


  • Sour Wana Gummies – “These delicious gummies give you a mellow uplifting high. They are great for hiking.”
  • Chem 4 – “So dang stony!”
  • The Grow Kitchen’s Chill Pills – “These are a real mellow and uplifting product. Like Sour Wanna Gummies, they’re great for hikes.”


  • Mary Jane Medicinals Salve – “This product works really well for pain relief and heals everything – from paper cuts to gashes – in record time.”
  • Pre-rolls – “Quick, easy and effective!”
  • Banana Kush – “I would be willing to bet that this is the best tasting strain on the market.”