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Project Description

Freedom Garcia

Age: 23

Origin: Born in South Carolina. Has lived in Colorado for the past 15 years.

Job Title: Assistant Manager

Short Biography:

“This is my first and only job in the industry. I have been at Northern Lights Cannabis Co. for some time now. I’ve worked in all the roles in the dispensary business up to where I am now. I absolutely love working here. The best part is the family feel you get working at Northern Lights. I have a deep passionate love for pancakes. People say they love pancakes, but not like me.”


“I like everything, and I especially like trying everything.”

  • Genghis Chron – “Genghis Chron is hands down my favorite strain. It has just always spoken to me more than the others.”
  • Coda Chocolate Bars – “Koda Chocolate Bars are my favorite edibles. They are just delicious.”
  • Americanna CannaPuffs – “These are my other favorites right now. An amazing mix of gummy and marshmallow. Yum!”


  • Lucy – “I would recommend Lucy for first timers. This is also a great strain for anyone prone to anxiety when they smoke or for people who need help coping with their pain. It is one of our babies. We grow it specifically for Northern Lights. Lucy is a high CBD strain. 3:1 CBD to THC which is not common. You will not find this anywhere else.”
  • Pre-rolls – “I like to recommend our pre-rolls for anyone, but especially for people from out of state. You get a good variety of strains to try for a great price.”
  • Quest Concentrates – “Quest Concentrates are really high quality. They are extremely potent and just generally a good product. A connoisseur level dabber will appreciate them.”