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Project Description

Joe Webb

Age: 26

Origin: Originally, from New York City. Been in Colorado for several years.

Job Title: Store Manager

Short Bio: “In my free time I like to go see live music events; I love Red Rocks. I like to go out with friends, eat good food, Netflix & chill, and smoke on some top notch high quality cannabis products.”


  • Wana Gummies – “Wana Gummies are a great medicinal product.”
  • Evo Lab Chroma Cartridges
  • Pre ’98 Bubba Kush


  • Wana Gummies – “ Wana Gummies will help you sleep. Despite them being a hybrid effect, they really relax the body.”
  • Evo Lab Chroma Carts – “Evo Lab Chroma Carts are great to use at any time of the day – morning, noon, or night!”