Pot Smokers are Happy People

Pot Smokers are Happy People

While it’s probably not news to you, a study recently conducted finally proves that pot smokers are happier than non-pot smokers. Sort of a big duh, but now there is scientific evidence that marijuana can equate to happiness. The study, conducted by BDS Analytics, published the first of its kind study recently after working with 2,000 participants. Here are some of the highlights:

“Cannabis Consumers Are Happy Campers”, included participants from Colorado and California. 1,200 of the participants had consumed marijuana in some fashion on the past six months, while the rest had not. Participants were broken down into three groups: Consumers, Acceptors and Rejectors.

Consumers were identified as people who consumed marijuana sometime in the past 6 months. Acceptors were identified as people who were open to consuming marijuana at some point in the future, while Rejectors were folks who would not consider consuming marijuana at any point in the future.

Some key takeaways from the study were that overall wellness and happiness of folks in the Consumer group was greater than those who were not part of the group. Marijuana consumers just may be happier people.

Here’s how the findings were measured up:

Higher Education

There were a number of Consumers who had earned up to a master’s degree. 20 percent of California Consumers group had earned a master’s’ degree while Acceptors came in at just 13 percent. And rejectors: 12 percent.


Outdoor recreation was an area of study for participants and Consumers tended to enjoy the outdoors more than the other groups. Colorado Consumers loved the great outdoors and the recreation that goes along with it at a rate of 50 percent. California Consumers came in at a whopping 57 percent as outdoor recreation lovers. Only 26 percent of California Rejectors and 36 percent of Colorado Rejectors enjoyed outdoor activities.

Social Butterflies

Overall, Consumers consider themselves to be social and creative people. In Colorado, 36 percent of Consumers considered themselves to be be very social people compared to 21 percent of Acceptors and 28 percent of Rejectors. The same group of Consumers also said they enjoyed creative thinking and activities and enjoyed fine arts as well as other creative channels.

Higher Ups

Consumers in the study were more accomplished individuals. Of the Colorado participants, 64 percent of Consumers were happy with their full time employment, while 51 percent of Acceptors did and 54 percent of Rejectors did. Household incomes also tended to be higher in Consumers than non-consumers. In California, Consumers had an average household income of $93,800 while Acceptors had an average income of $72,800 and $75,900 for Rejectors.

So let’s go, Colorado and pass that joint around. Your key to happiness may be as close as your next hit.


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