5 Stoner Life Hacks

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5 Stoner Life Hacks

Being a stoner sometimes has a bad rap. Lazy, unambitious people who only sit around smoking dope. Maybe that’s the stoner of the past. But stoners today are with it. This awesome roller coaster ride of a marijuana movement has proven that to the world. While there are tons of cool tools available to make smoking weed easier, stoners are some of the most resourceful people we know and can solve a problem with MacGyver like-speed. In tribute to this unique skill, we give you 5 stoner life hacks for modern day stoners!

Frisbee Frenzy

Frisbees make awesome weed trays. Turn it upside down and use as your rolling surface. With rolled up edges, you’ll keep loose weed from slipping away when rolling those joints and blunts. Frisbees rock because let’s face it, wasting even the tiniest morsel of this magic herb is just wrong. 

Waste Be Gone

Speaking of not wasting any ganja, we’ve got you covered just in case you do end up spilling some weed on the floor. The best way to recover it is with a vacuum and a sock. Put a clean sock over the end of the vacuum hose and voila, suck the dropped weed up. The sock will keep it from going into vacuum oblivion. Hold a cup or a plate under the vacuum hose and turn the power off.  When the suction stops, catch your herb in the plate. Mission possible!

Smoke Smarter Not Harder

We’ve all got stacks of old CDs laying around that we thought we’d probably never use again. Wrong. Spill proof that bowl you are loading by covering it with a CD. The hole in the middle is the perfect channel for dropping your herb in. Any that lands on the CD itself can then be salvaged much easier than if it dropped on the floor.

Oh Honey

Honey is something most of us keep on hand in our kitchens and can be super useful for lots of things. More than just a delicious sweetener, honey can be used to seal a blunt. Add a few dabs of honey and get a glue-like seal. Honey also creates a slow-burn effect, helping you savor your MJ even longer. 

Matches Rule

You’ve just gotta take a hit, but you are forced to light up in an enclosed space that doesn’t have much ventilation. What do you do? Lighting a few matches after the fact can help cover up marijuana aromas. Sure the room will smell like matches, but if you’re trying to conceal your marijuana use, matches can do the trick. Carry some matches with you so you’re ready when the urge hits.

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