Stoner Mom Breaking Stigma Barriers

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Stoner Mom Breaking Stigma Barriers

Stoner Mom Breaking Stigma Barriers

So you are a mom. You’ve got kids to raise, errands to run (maybe while driving a minivan) and some after-school practice or activity to get to. You’ve got a mile-long “to do” list that grows faster than you can say “done” and a million other things to take care of that never make it to the list. Regardless of who you are, as a mom, you are a life manager. With all of the day to day responsibilities, it’s too easy to lose sight of the rest of you as you get buried in mom mentality. But wait a second Mom, don’t forget that there is more to you than being a mom. You have other interests outside of your mothering and endless piles of laundry. Moms have interests like reading, exercise, spending time with your friends and even marijuana. 

That’s right, I said mom and marijuana in the same sentence. And that’s ok. It’s ok to be a mom who happens to enjoy cannabis. Yes, there is stigma hanging over the head of every cannabis-loving mom, but why? Who says a mom can’t be both a good parent and a marijuana user and advocate? This is 2017; we all know that stoners are hardly limited to a single stereotype stuck in our heads from the 1970s. No way. One Colorado woman (and mom) is on a mission to liberate moms who like cannabis from the disgrace that can go along with it. This stoner mom is breaking stigma barriers in a revolutionary way. 

Kathryn, mother of four and creator of “The Stoner Mom,” has become the voice for moms who love cannabis. The Stoner Mom believes in responsible cannabis use and advocates for it in each blog post, podcast and show she does. The Stoner Mom has created a platform for other parents to learn about cannabis in a safe and non-judgemental environment. She provides tips for new marijuana users, strain and product reviews, discusses her favorite delivery methods while having a great time with other responsible parents. She has built a community for parents who love pot.

Despite the name, The Stoner Mom isn’t just about pot. She also includes life management tips, creates inspirational content to enhance readers’ self esteem and offers useful parenting tips for any aspect of parenting hurdles (which any parent can agree that the hurdles are endless). The Stoner Mom has put herself out there for the world to see. She is living proof that you can be a marijuana user and still a responsible parent. With people like The Stoner Mom, the misconception of pot use equating to bad parenting can one day be put to rest.

So next time you are in the checkout line at the grocery store, arranging a soccer practice carpool or preparing the evening meal, don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself thinking about that next bong hit waiting for you after the kiddies have been tucked in for the night.

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