How to Talk to Your Healthcare Provider About Your Cannabis Use

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How to Talk to Your Healthcare Provider About Your Cannabis Use

After decades in the shadows, cannabis has recently taken a step into the light as several states legalize the use of this herb for both recreational and medical use. Due to a wide selection of studies from some of the nation’s leading institutions,  more and more people are switching to cannabis-based products to treat a variety of medical ailments. In January 2018, 93,095 patients had an active medical marijuana registration in Colorado, according to Medical Marijuana Registry Program Statistics.

So, should you use it too? Perhaps yes, but certainly not without consulting your healthcare provider. It’s only your healthcare provider who can tell you whether or not cannabis is useful for you. It may sound intimidating to do so but it’s the first step in finding what is best for you. Here are a few tips you can follow while opening up to your healthcare provider about using marijuana as relief:

Find the right person

Although medical cannabis is legalized and recommended by researchers, some healthcare providers oppose its use because of the stigma around it. Some healthcare providers think of cannabis as an addictive substance that is abused more than judiciously used. Approaching such a doctor might be stressful and nullify the whole objective of having an open discussion. It could be a challenge to find a cannabis-savvy healthcare provider. You can most likely talk to a family doctor who you can trust for advice and referrals.

Be honest

Whether you are asking about medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, you need to be honest. You may be wanting to use it for various reasons. Make sure you are honest about whatever you say. Doctors are legally bound to keep your meeting confidential, which means you are in a safe space to discuss whatever you like. Your honest confessions or revelations will help her or him to come up with the right plan that will suit you and your needs the best. It is not advised to hide facts from your healthcare provider. You should be as transparent as possible while opening up to your healthcare provider about your cannabis use. You should share as much information as you can about your consumption method, the type of strains (high-THC or high-CBD), dosage, and the changes you are experiencing. Tell her or him about your past medical history or any medications you are currently taking so that they can map out the right consumption pattern and dosage for you.

Ask the right questions

Last but certainly not the least, you need to ask the right questions when you get a chance to talk to your healthcare provider. Here are a few questions you should ask:

  •       When should I use cannabis?
  •       What is the most recommended method of cannabis consumption?
  •       Is the use of medical cannabis suitable for my lifestyle?
  •       Will medical cannabis interfere with other medications?

It’s important to have a clear discussion with your healthcare provider before starting a cannabis regimen so that you don’t face any health complications in the future.


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