Make Talking Marijuana With Your Kids Easy

Make Talking Marijuana With Your Kids Easy

As cannabis buds across the country (pun intended!), kids are inevitably hearing more about the drug than ever before and are probably left with a bunch of questions. With their curious nature, kids will eventually learn about things that parents may find awkward to talk to them about. Things like the birds and the bees, growing and changing and even cannabis may be tough subjects to talk about. But of course parents know that if they aren’t having these conversations with their kids, then it is likely their kids are hearing it from someone else. And as awkward as it may be, accurate and educational discussions about hot topics tend not to happen on the school bus. But now, thanks to the creativity of a few people, sitting down and talking with your kids about marijuana just got a little easier for parents.

Callie and Friends LLC has introduced “Callie Cannabis” to the world to help parents have honest conversations about cannabis with their children. Written by co-authors Juliette Benz and Kris Morwood, created a story to help parents answer questions their children have about cannabis. Their mission at Callie and Friends LLC is “to help raise awareness about a plant called cannabis through a family educational series.” Callie Cannabis is the first book in what is planned to be an ongoing series about cannabis. The series will educate both parents and children alike and open the door to what could otherwise be awkward conversations about cannabis.

The series, though fictional will include facts, benefits, science and history as Callie Cannabis grows up in a split culture where cannabis is becoming mainstream but isn’t accepted by everyone. Callie Cannabis will address issues that are newer to households across America due to the growth of cannabis legalization nationwide. Her story will help normalize the cannabis conversation between kids and their parents, making one awkward parenting topic a little easier to discuss for parents everywhere. Another win for cannabis.

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