The Best Cannabis-Infused Fall Products

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The Best Cannabis-Infused Fall Products

The Aspens are turning yellow, the crisp air is starting to sneak its way in, and you can smell pumpkin spice everywhere – fall is here! Weather and coffee aren’t the only great things rolling in with the change of the seasons. Celebrate the arrival of autumn with these great Northern Lights Cannabis products that perfectly embody the cooler weather.

Binske Garlic Olive Oil

Fall means loads of delicious comfort food. Cozy up on the couch, turn on your favorite Halloween movies and enjoy some Binske Garlic Olive Oil-infused Mac and Cheese. Spruce up your fall favorite with this product and your heart, soul, and body will thank you. Binske Garlic Olive Oil will leave you relaxed with a full body high and you’ll be having a whole new admiration for Hocus Pocus.



Coda Signature Body Essential Symphony Bath Bomb Collection

Wash away the aches, pains, and dryness of the weather change with these bath bombs by Coda Signature. The collection comes with three different bath bombs – Uplift, Balance and Calm. The hot bath will warm your core and the Coda both bombs will soothe your muscles and take you to a new level of relaxation. These are great to wind down before bedtime. You’ll sleep all through the night and wake up ready to take on the day with your PSL … and a joint.

Forbidden Fruit Apple Cinnamon

Celebrate fall cannabis style with the best fall dessert – apple pie! These may not exactly be pie, but the next best thing. Forbidden Fruit Cinnamon Apple Slices are actual apple slices infused with THC. The smell alone will take you back to Grandma’s apple pie at Thanksgiving. The best part? You get the comfort food taste without the calories.



CannaPunch Dutch Girl Caramel Waffles

The aroma of caramel alone will make you so excited for fall, you’ll go roll in a pile of leaves! Or at least wish you could. These waffles are filled with caramel and are one of the tastiest edibles on the market. Brighten up your morning and dunk a few in your coffee – they’re the perfect addition.

Coda Signature Chocolate Bars

Coda Signature chocolate bars are always a great choice – especially when you don’t have to worry about them melting (goodbye, summer)! Unless you want them to. Put one of these bad boys in your hot chocolate and enjoy all the fall feels. Flavors include:

Caramel & Corn: the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Caramelized white chocolate, popped corn and sprinkle of salt. Just like the good ol’ days at the fair!

Snap & Spice: Enjoy a nice high with the taste of one of your favorite cookies in the form of a chocolate bar.

Maple & Pecan Craving pecan pie? We’ve got the perfect cure. It’s like what Grandma used to make except with a kick. Your favorite flavors of maple and pecan, plus chocolate (and cannabis)? What could be more perfect!

Fire & Orange Are you all about sweet and spicy? Well, this edible is straight fire! …But like, the super-tasty-and-delicious kind of fire.

Questioning why do anything this fall but stay at home and eat all the cannabis-infused goods? Yeah, us too. All these delicious products will leave you satisfied as you cozy up on your couch watching your favorite holiday movie.

You can try one or try them all, come see us at the two locations below or order online for pickup here.


2045 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater, CO 80214
9AM – Midnight Daily


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Denver, CO 80223

9AM – 10PM Daily

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