The Importance of Vaping Temperature Explained

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The Importance of Vaping Temperature Explained

Most people’s first marijuana experience involves a flame. Sparking a joint is a classic way to consume cannabis, but it’s not the only way to go. Proponents for vaporizing or vaping tout the fire-free method as the best way to ensure you don’t fry the all-important cannabinoids contained in your favorite bud.

Temperature Matters

If you think all vapes are the same, please think again. Dedicated vapers know that a Bic lighter or match can produce a 600-degree flame. That’s far more heat than it takes to scorch your sinsemilla.

Terpenes and flavonoids are minute marijuana molecules that give ganja it’s delicious flavor. When flame is applied, or when you vape at too high a temp, those vital compounds actually boil away. If this happens, you lose a lot of the medicinal and recreational benefits of bhang.

So, what’s the right temperature to vape my best bud?

Good question. If you have adjustable vape gear, you’ll want to adjust it according to the effects you desire. Typically, a temp higher than 392 degrees allows your body to absorb more cannabinoids. Temps lower than 392 degrees generally offer more of a ‘head rush’ sort of high. The temp you select has a lot to do with the way you experience your weed.

365° and lower provides superior flavor as well as anxiety relief.

356° to 392° for good flavor and a moderate body high.

392° and higher for less flavor but heavier body effects.

Better THC buzz

Set you vaporizer to 360° to preserve as much limonene and myrcene as possible. This low temp is right for maximum THC delivery, too. A temp of around 360° may help to prevent excessive couch lock, explains the Honest Marijuana Guide To Vaping Temp.

Superior taste

If you value cannabis flavor overall, adjust your vape gear to 350° to get a full blast of flavor with every puff. Unlike smoking, vaping at 350° makes it easy to take an intense hit without hacking your lungs out.

Energetic High

If you want to wake’n bake and get on with your day, set your vape gear to 356° for vapors that are chock full of CBD. You’ll still get a nice dose of THC, but the CBD will lessen any feeling of heaviness or paranoia that are typical of super high THC marijuana products.

Best overall body buzz

If your intention is to get stoned and mellow, opt for a vape temp of 392° that preserves THC and bakes your brain/ Find a comfortable spot on the couch and enjoy your groovy ganja.

Superior medicine

To get maximum medical benefit from cannabis, vape your indica or sativa at 430° to consume as much CBD and CBD cannabinoids as you can. Medicinal terpenes linalool and humulene are well suited to vaping just below the 451 degrees combustion point. Of course, you can vape hybrid weed at this temperature.

If you’ve never set your vape temp before, start adjusting in ten-degree increments. Next time you’re in Colorado, drop by Northern Lights Cannabis Co. and tell us which vape temps work for you.


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